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Parking Sensors and parking aids

Since vehicle manufacturers started colour coding bumpers the parking sensor market has grown enormously. Let’s face it the average price of a bumper replacement and paint is around £350.

With this in mind it makes perfect sense to protect your asset and make parking easier at the same time.

At Incar Solutions we can offer you the best parking sensors at competitive prices. 

Our parking sensors are colour coded to match your vehicle bumper and look almost like a factory fitted product.

Our range contains Front and rear kits, audible only or systems with displays as well as systems with cameras.

These products can be fitted to most vehicles and as with all our work is fully insured and guaranteed.  

We can offer standard aftermarket parking sensors or O.E (Original Equipment) style parking sensors with a flush finish.

parking sensorsParking Sensors






VW Golf front parking sensors

Mitsubishi Shogun Sport rear parking sensors

VW Tiguan rear parking sensorsFord Fiesta with Front parking sensors with colour display